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Dream catcher is among the most breathtaking tales in American Indian Mythology in18th century. They feel that the dream catcher capture dreams and produce benefits. Bad dreams or nightmares go through the holes and from the window while good dreams are held in the net, after which slide lower the down towards the sleeper. It’s utilized as a charm to safeguard sleeping people, usually children, from nightmares.

Material: natural down , natural wood Beads, metal hoop and cotton Hands Weave internet

1. It is a perfect craft GIFT to provide kids, enthusiasts or buddies or someone undergoing nightmare and sufferings, etc. Make bedtimes much simpler, send their sincere heart and benefits. Pray for peace and best of luck.
2. Well-made with top quality materials. White-colored weave web circles with white-colored down of Bohemian native American style design built them into elegant and trendy.
3. A fairly hanging decor for Party, for example Wedding, Baby shower celebration, Bridal shower, Bachelorette party.

Packing List:

1 x Hand crafted Dream Catcher

  • HARMONIOUS SLEEP: Dreamcatchers are famous for his or her effective spiritual characteristics legend has it that they’ll trap bad dreams or nightmares inside their intricate web to be able to get more sleep peacefully
  • LOVINGLY Hand crafted: Our Native American inspired dreamcatcher is hands produced in natural surroundings by gifted craftspeople who’ve studied the skill of weaving traditional geometric patterns
  • Decorate YOUR Bed room: Crafted in a variety of happy shades to include a little boho chic to your rooms hang in the wall, over a crib or perhaps in your meditation space for just good vibes
  • Good Luck : Dream catcher can chase nasty dreams away and then leave the great ones.It is a perfect craft GIFT for your children, parents, grandma and grandpa, buddies, enthusiasts, family on birthday.
  • Ecological-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made from natural down ,natural wood Beads, metal hoop and cotton Hands Weave internet

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