Gespout Macaron Shape Storage Box Creative Necklace Earrings Ring Case Portable Multifunctional Pill Container Jewelry Organizer (Small Coffee)

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【Material】Plastic. Hard plastic protects your items from squeezing. Will not rust and damp like a metal box
【Small size】 4.5*4.5*2cm. Suitable for ring, earrings, charms, pendant, pill, vitamin, candy, and small jewellery.
【Big size】10*10*5 cm. Suitable for bracelet, earphones, chocolate beans, biscuits, gift and other gadgets.
♥Super cute little storage box, macarons colorful color, realistic shape, people can’t help but want to take a bite. Best choice for your jewelry storage and collection.Small,fashion and multifunction small goods organiser,make you travel more convenient.
♥Put the surprise into the gift box for family and friends! Perfect for all occasions such as weddings, bridal party, birthdays, shop, anniversary, party, Christmas etc.

  • 【Material】Plastic. Plastic protects your products from squeezing. Won’t rust and moist just like a metal box
  • 【Small size】 4.5*4.5*2cm. Appropriate for ring, earrings, charms, pendant, pill, vitamin, chocolate, and small jewellery.
  • 【Big size】10*10*5 cm. Appropriate for bracelet, earphones, chocolate beans, biscuits, gift along with other gadgets.
  • ♥Super cute little storage box, macarons colorful color, realistic shape, people will not help but wish to have a bite. Best option for the jewellery storage and collection.Small,fashion and multifunction small goods organiser,cause you to travel easier.
  • ♥Put the surprise in to the gift box to see relatives and buddies! Ideal for all occasions for example weddings, wedding party, birthdays, shop, anniversary, party, Christmas etc.

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