Quiges Silver Stainless Steel Large 33mm Coin Heart Frenzy Pattern for Interchangeable Pendant Necklace

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The product belongs to the Quiges large gold coin 33 mm collection. This collection
is really a classy, playful and smart jewellery design that includes a 33 mm gold coin
locket holder along with a necklace combined with exchangeable 33 millimetres
coins. These coins, the pendant and also the necklace can be found in many colors
with which you’ll combine and make your personal custom accessory. It’s a real
DIY combine concept. However if you simply have some stress because of the
several choices and choices we’ve got your back. We’ve also made many
beautiful pre-selected sets.

This is the way it really works:
It really is easy. The pendant is made to open and shut. This functionality can
only work correctly beginning with taking out the necklace after which to drag apart the top of the
the pendant. When opened up you’ll be able to put the gold coin within the pendant frame, close
it and set the necklace back again. Now your individual gold coin necklace is prepared for

All elements within this collection are constructed with various materials like stainless,
copper, gemstone etc. and are available in several colours and variations. The synthetic
crystals utilized in our gold coin collection are top quality cubic zirconia’s produced in the
Czech Republic. These gemstones come from Preciosa so we use their premium, lead
free ecological responsible line. So that you can sparkle your set by having an eco-friendly

To locate much more of our large 33 mm gold coin products simply look for quiges 33mm coins
and select from a multitude of colours, models, materials, sets and begin customizing.

  • ★Size★ This huge gold coin includes a diameter of 33 millimetres and it is 2 mm thick. We have coins in dimensions small of 25 mm
  • ★Coin Holder★ Suitable for our large 33 mm locket gold coin frames for necklaces along with other existing brands
  • ★Material★ This silver plated gold coin consists of top quality and sturdy stainless
  • ★Design★ This gold coin belongs to our large gold coin necklace collection. This collection comes with an exchangeable design. Because of this we’ve a multitude of gold coin models, different gold coin pendant holder colours and lots of compatible necklaces. So start matching and mixing and creating your personal jewellery piece
  • ★Images and contact★ Our product images are enlarged to show details. These records and colors can vary because of product magnification, your personal screen quality, hand crafted finishing and natural components within this 33mm gold coin item. For those who have any queries, doubts or if you’re not completely satisfied, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll happily assist you to and answer all of your questions

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