Robelly Ltd bring you Reiki :Create Harmony & Balance for your Mind, Body & Soul – Disc 1 – What is Reiki? Origins of Reiki, Reiki Degrees, White Light Meditation. Disc 2 – Equipment, Cleaning the Room, Reiki the Room, The Chakras, The Root Chakra, Preparation – Therapist, Preparation – Client.Disc 3 -Procedure, Enhancing the Procedure.

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Many people attending a Reiki workshop are trained the fundamentals of self-treatment with Reiki, but couple of uncover Reiki’s real possibility of self-healing.

Find out about Reiki, a universal energy that’s been used effectively around the globe to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. Within this course become familiar with how you can perform Reiki on yourself yet others.

This program can be used a method to enhance personal growth and/or focus on any imbalances within yourself or individuals surrounding you. Individuals attempting to add Reiki for their current practice or attempting to begin their very own Reiki practice may benefit highly out of this course. Also, individuals attempting to educate Reiki to other people may have the fabric they have to achieve this after they have finished this program.

Why take this program? This DVD comes complete with innovative yet easy-to-use techniques and targets everybody that has labored with Reiki at any level.

Course Highlights

Disc 1 – What’s Reiki? Origins of Reiki, Reiki Levels, White-colored Light Meditation.

Disc 2 – Equipment, Washing the Room, Reiki the area, The Chakras, The Main Chakra, Preparation – Counselor, Preparation – Client.

Disc 3 – Procedure, Improving the Procedure.

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