Women Stainless Steel Silver Mesh Bracelet with Coin Socket 30 mm Amello Stainless Steel Jewelry ESCA07J

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Stainless collector system – Original Amello * Coins Stainless
A mesh bracelet includes gold coin fitting 30 mm silver (Stainless). You’ll need just one or two coins and eat the Coinfassung. You’ll be able to assemble the Coinfassung needle around the bracelet and you are done is really a unique bit of jewellery.
The bracelet will fit every part from the Amello gold coin collection in addition to all coins using their company brands with 30 mm diameter. Original Amello coins – Stainless Steel Jewellery (Stainless) For That trendy and fashionable lady.
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The Amello coins collection includes a variety of pendants (Coinfassungen) keeping, chains and coins (inlet) that may be to mix the way in which and also the matching jewellery. Just about all bits of jewellery within the collection will come in stainless, gold plated Rosevergoldet or color mix. Amello coins are usually a good present for just about any fashion-conscious lady and wake the for collecting. Existing Jewellery pieces could be combined and finish the appearance.
Short Description: Amello bracelet set – Mesh Bracelet and coins capacity 30 mm
Target group: Women
Type: Gold coin Set
Material: Stainless (Stainless)
Brand: Amello
Colour: Silver
Clasp: pin buckle
Type: Coins sets
Size: Pendant: roughly 33 mm x 33 mm
Length: Approximately. 21 cm Appropriate for arm circumferences as much as roughly 20 cm across
Features: Appropriate for 30 mm gold coin
Order number: ESCA07J
Enjoy your using the Amello * Coins jewellery collection

  • Amello Armband for jewellery coins with gold coin setting for gold coin pendant 30 mm
  • High-quality stainless bracelet that provides them a glance
  • Matching coins can be found in our Amello Gold coin Collection – Are You Simply Searching: Amello Gold coin
  • Amello stainless collection. Uncover beautiful and classy earrings, necklaces, charms and bracelets.
  • Delivered inside a jewellery gift box for or – Bag – Perfect like a bithday present or any other occasions.

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